5 Day Self-Love Challenge

Are you done watching other people live their lives honestly as who they are while you sit back and live a lie?

Are you done watching others happy and confident with themselves while you wonder why you don't feel the same?

Are you done putting yourself second to every single person?

If any of the above resonates with you then I am excited for you to take my 5 Day Self-Love Challenge.

It's time for you to change your life.

Over 3,000 women have gone through my 5 Day Self-Love Challenge.


Here are some of their reviews.




Self Belief on 10 is ONE of the things you need to create your best life.

And it starts with self-love.


What Is The Challenge? How Does It Work?


❤️ My 5 Day Self-Love Challenge is one of the simplest ways to start focusing on you while getting deep in your shit lol and emerging with more understanding of who you are.

❤️ In this 5 Day Challenge expect to become a SelfishBabe who is creating her best life, knowing that you really can do anything.

❤️ In this challenge, you get 5 Videos & 5 Activities you will watch and do so that you can align with the spirit of self-love.


 Benefits Of Taking My 5 Day Challenge


✨ Gain more confidence in yourself.


✨ Know that you truly hold the power in creating the life you want to see.


✨ Be your authentic self and not being shamed for it.


✨Take more risks, going after your dreams and goals even if you don’t have the support of others around you.


Hi, I'm Olanikee Osi


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I created SelfishBabe and Goddess Detox. Goddess Detox is my multi-million dollar spiritual and women's wellness company. SelfishBabe is my personal development and lifestyle company helping women see their own magic within. Both are self-love focused.

I wrote my first book at 24 The Power of Looking At Your Yoni, which you'll find on Amazon today.

I started a podcast: The Selfish Talk Podcast which is now in the Top 200 of Apple's Self Improvement Podcasts. I wouldn't have been able to do ANY of this without believing in myself which is apart of me loving myself.

Self-belief will take you further than any opinions others could give you. It will take you further then your fears and doubts about yourself. Which is why I really believe you can benefit from taking my 5 Day Self Love Challenge. It's time for you to see that you are magic.