Frequently Asked Questions

The SelfishBabe App:

Is the app free? Yes, the app is free.

I am still paying for the app, how can I get it for free? By clicking this link and following the instructions on it. The link: https://www.selfishbabe.com/get-selfishbabe-free-again

I missed a notification and wish to see it again, how can I do this?

  • Click on the heart symbol on the homepage that says  Affirmations


How can I make sure my app is always up to date with new content?

  • You can make sure your app is up to date by updating it weekly. To do this follow the instructions below:
  1. Click on the black home button to the top right.
  2. Click on app settings.
  3. Click on check for new content and select yes to proceed with updating your app.

I downloaded the app but I am not receiving any notifications to my phone, what do I need to do?

  •   Make sure that you said "YES" to notifications. Here is how to check: Click the home button to the top right of the screen, look to the bottom of the screen for " Notifications", click this and then you will see: General Notifications, make sure next to it, there is a green light, if not tap the button over so that you're in the green to receive notifications.

 The Perfume Oil:

What are the ingredients for the Self Love Perfume Oil?

Oil extracts from Amber, African Rose, Clary Sage, and Violet

Does the perfume oil have alcohol in it? No, it is only made with oils from flower extracts no alcohol is in it.

Can it be used on sensitive skin? We suggest doing a patch test if you have sensitive skin. Roll the perfume oil on the inside of your writs and wait 5-10 minutes to see if you have any reaction to it. If no reaction, keep using. If a reaction happens such as bumps start to appear, stop using it.

How can I use the perfume oil in my spiritual practice?

This perfume oil is a blessing oil. You can use it in many ways.

The first way is to rub the oil on the inside of your wrist or palm and say some affirmative prayers or words of power in the oil. Thee words can be about the energy you want for your upcoming day, something you’ve been praying about for a while, or to simply bless yourself.

Once the words have been spoken rub this oil on the inside of your writs, your forehead, inside of hands and or feet. You can also rub it on your chest.

The second way to use the oil is in your spiritual baths and or washes. Just pop off the roller and pour a bit into the water, and say your prayers over your bath and or spiritual wash.

The third way to use the oil is to anoint your candles with it. Because our oils are made with all-natural floral extracts they are very potent and powerful, so when you are doing candle work specifically to receive something we suggest adding a bit of our oil onto your candle wax. This can help with attracting what it is you want.