Write For Us

Write For Us

#SelfishBabe is a woman's self-love community. It is about women learning to selfishly + authentically love themselves.

Ask yourself "what can I provide with my writing that a selfish babe needs to hear?" "What advice would I give my friend or myself right now?" " How can this be relatable to my age group?"

We love colorful language. You don't have to curse in your articles if you don't want to but what I am saying is if you feel like the curse word fits the article add it in.

Keep this in mind: The message does not have to be long , for it to be received.

People are on the go and have short attention spans. The maximum for an article is 500 words, nothing over this.

I want you to write as if you are speaking to a friend using "you" in your writing.

Articles that have steps are very nice: For example, 3 ways to... 5 things you should, the number 1 thing...


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All submissions go to our Editor In Chief Brianne Patrice who will review to see if your writing would be a great fit for our audience.