Hi. I'm Olanikee Osibowale. I am a business owner, Jamaican, and an Aquarius. I teach spiritual self-love practices to women around the world so that they can learn to love themselves selfishly and authentically while creating their dream lives.

I founded SelfishBabe so that women can see the beauty in being selfish with themselves in the name of self-love.

I also wanted to make personal development fun and interesting.

Apart from the app itself, make sure to check out the Selfish Talk Podcast and the Courses taught by me.

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A 5 Day Challenge created to help you focus on yourself, believe in yourself again, and LOVE YOURSELF.

A 4 Day money challenge that stops you from being the jealous, bitter bitch – “oh I wish that was me” to the FLOURISHING rich BITCH inside you!

A 9 Day in-depth spiritual self-love program for the woman who desires to put herself as the altar and to start honoring herself as the goddess she is.

Whenever I'm having a rough day or feeling like my vibration is low I go look on the selfish babe app, listen to a selfish babe podcast or go to Instagram and read what the Queen of selfish babe has said for the day.... I'm now stronger and more powerful since I've learn to become a selfish babe.

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