A 5 Day Challenge created to help you focus on yourself, believe in yourself again, and LOVE YOURSELF.

A 3 Day money challenge that stops you from being the jealous, bitter bitch – “oh I wish that was me” to the FLOURISHING rich BITCH inside you!

A 9 Day in-depth spiritual self-love program for the woman who desires to put herself as the altar and to start honoring herself as the goddess she is.

A masterclass on how to start making your own spiritual baths to begin attracting more abundance in your life as well as to cleanse.

A masterclass of how to start reconnecting to your vagina through mirror work and affirmations.

A masterclass on how to release the spiritual connection between you and your ex and ways to move on and move forward.

Take a course & change your life

An ebook filled with prayers for the unmotivated and just tied out there. It's time to recommit to you.

A course that teaches you to use affirmative prayer to help you receive what you actually want in your life and for you to think BOLDLY of yourself.

This masterclass will teach you how to view your vagina in a sacred way, how to energetically cleanse your vagina and womb, and how to stand in your power as a woman.

This course teaches you the BASICS of spiritual and energetic protection.

Whenever I'm having a rough day or feeling like my vibration is low I go look on the selfish babe app, listen to a selfish babe podcast or go to Instagram and read what the Queen of selfish babe has said for the day.... I'm now stronger and more powerful since I've learn to become a selfish babe.

I love Selfish Babes

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